Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 14

A 3-2 week pushed us to 33-29 on the year. That's hardly a dominate record, but if we can finish the year over .500, I'll be satisfied. This year started badly.... Anyway, you know the deal. Picks below. Byes: New England, DC New York v. Utah Could this be a Final preview? Both teams are … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 14


Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 13

A 4-1 week pushes us to 29-27 on the year. I think it’s the first time we’ve been over .500 all year. I’ll take it. DC v. NOLA The first of four games where only one team remains in the hunt. Old Glory is probably out of this race, but they may be playing the … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 13

Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 12

Our picks have bumped up to a 25-26 record. So, almost average. That's league parity and not predictor inadequacy. That's my official take. Byes: RUNY, Los Angeles Houston v Austin Look at the table, and this looks like an obvious call. Austin is in a playoff race, while Houston is fighting off elimination. So, why … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 12

Spoiler Alert: Round 11

An abbreviated Spoiler Alert today due to the holiday weekend. While I encourage you still watch your rugby, (and recruit the other people at your barbecue to join!) take at least a bit to reflect on the reason for the holiday. If you need a bit of help, Green Fields of France always strikes a … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: Round 11

Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 10 – Part 2

Byes: San Diego, Toronto Utah @ NOLA Both of these teams need a win. While Utah is the better team, they’re inconsistent. NOLA just got hammered in San Diego, but it’s easy to think they couldn’t get motivated to play against the hapless Legion. They tend to look much better at home. Winner: Gold DC … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 10 – Part 2

Spoiler Alert: Round 10 – Part 1

With one midweek fixture, we bring you a special edition of Spoiler Alert. While it's only part of our normal feature, we guarantee the same level of inaccuracy you've come to expect. LA @ Austin The Cocktail Bowl. The Gil-Grudge Match. The Fighting Cousins. Geez, this game is weird. While these teams share an owner, … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: Round 10 – Part 1

Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 9

A 2-4 week was exactly what we deserved, moving us to 19-22 on the year. You know the drill by now. NOLA @ San Diego The Legion continues to inch closer to home, but their half backs remain hundreds of miles away. The Gold continue to make winning look hard, yet they keep rolling. No … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 9

Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 8

A 3-1 week moves us up to 17-18. is this the week we get above .500 on the season? Yeah, I don’t think so either. Austin @ New England Are any two teams playing a more completing style than these two? The Free Jacks and their slashing offense are having their moment. Austin plays the … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 8

Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 7

The MLR is set up for every team to finish .500. The little decisions get you above that. Last week, we made no little decisions at all, going 3-3 on the week. That moves us to 14-17 on the year. Still better than Seattle. With that... Byes: Atlanta, Austin, Utah, Houston New England @ San … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 7

Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 6

After a golden sombrero the week before, we got back on track with 5 of 6 correct last week, moving out overall record to 11-16 on the season. Will the 6 games this weekend put us back over .500? Seems unlikely. Anyway... NOLA @ Atlanta This is a tough call. NOLA's loss to Austin comes … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 6