Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 10 – Part 2


San Diego, Toronto

Utah @ NOLA

Both of these teams need a win. While Utah is the better team, they’re inconsistent. NOLA just got hammered in San Diego, but it’s easy to think they couldn’t get motivated to play against the hapless Legion. They tend to look much better at home.

Winner: Gold

DC @ Houston

DC is the worst of a strong Eastern Conference. While they are better than their standing, Houston is as well. DC has something to play for, while Houston’s playoff chances are fading fast. Despite all that, I think this is the week Houston clocks at home.

Winner: SaberCats

New England @ New York

Will Dan Hollinshead suit up after his injury last week? That completely dictates my decision. The New England back line is due for a return to form, and I can’t consider RUNY’s stadium to count as ‘home field’. Since my non-qualified medical expertise predicts Hollinshead will miss this week, I’ll go with the road team.

Winner: Free Jacks

Atlanta @ Seattle

The number one team in the East heads to Starfire. Seattle keeps looking better, but they’re still bottom of the West. The RATLers have taken the top of the table in the East. While the Seattle defense is improving, I don’t see them having the firepower to break the ATL defense.

Winner: Rugby ATL


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