Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 14

A 3-2 week pushed us to 33-29 on the year. That’s hardly a dominate record, but if we can finish the year over .500, I’ll be satisfied. This year started badly….

Anyway, you know the deal. Picks below.


New England, DC

New York v. Utah

Could this be a Final preview? Both teams are in playoff position, but don’t expect this to look like a playoff game on paper. Both sides have key guys on the bench or out, either due to injury or rest. I trust the RUNY reserves at home much more than the Warrior reserves on the road.

Winner: RUNY

Toronto v. NOLA

The Arrows are absolutely defeated. Half of the starters are headed for Team Canada in a couple weeks. Toronto has a better roster, but NOLA has something to play for. Advantage to the team with a purpose.

Winner: Gold

Atlanta v. Houston

I’m not writing an analysis for this.

Winner: Rugby ATL

San Diego v. Los Angeles

The Giltinis are the better side. San Diego finally makes their true home debut. Can the home team overcome last week’s gut check and save their season this week? It’s a tall task. I want the home team to win, but I have no idea who’s playing 9 for the Legion. This could be tight.

Winner: Giltinis

Seattle v. Austin

Seattle is posed to upset someone, and Austin looks like a prime target. The Gilgronis have looked terrible on attack until beating Toronto last week at home. I don’t think that’s worth as much as most commentators do. This one will come down to the last 20 minutes. Austin has enough injuries to make Seattle the slight favorite.

Winner: Seawolves


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