Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 8

A 3-1 week moves us up to 17-18. is this the week we get above .500 on the season?

Yeah, I don’t think so either.

Austin @ New England

Are any two teams playing a more completing style than these two? The Free Jacks and their slashing offense are having their moment. Austin plays the best defense in the league. This one will be tight, and we’ve yet to see Austin win on the road. However, a rested Gilgronis team gets the slightest of edges.

Winner: Gilgronis

Houston @ NOLA

NOLA is winning in scrappy fashion. Houston will be rested and ready. The Cats have as much or more potential than NOLA. Much like above, I think rest is the edge.

Winner: SaberCats

Atlanta @ Toronto

Atlanta travels to Toronto. Technically. The Step Brothers Cup serves as a rematch of Round 1. These teams are both significant better than they were back then. While ATL can show powerful defense, they don’t have the offense to counter Lucas Rumball. Toronto may struggle against the RATLer defense, but they’ll have just enough oomph to overcome.

Winner: Arrows

DC @ Utah

This is the first match I’ll have to catch on replay. It might be in Utah, but a match on a time slot that overlaps with Saturday Night Live is not going to be heavily viewed. While DC is good, I think Utah finds the win here. But I’ve yet to pick a Utah game correctly. Take that as you will.

Winner: Warriors

LA @ New York

This has the potential to be an elite matchup. The Giltinis head to the only media market larger than their own. It will be a shock to the system to see the mess of a field RUNY plays on.

Of course, a game will also occur. RUNY has as much talent as any side that will take on LA. Realistically, I can’t pick against them until someone beats them.

Winner: Giltinis

San Diego @ Seattle

What was once can’t miss TV will have a greater impact on draft order than playoff races. The loser will be in the drivers seat for the first draft pick amongst non-expansion teams. Seattle showed real fight at home last week. San Diego looks like they’re playing out the string before the season even reaches the midpoint.

Winner: Seawolves


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