Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 5

In high school, I had a teacher that said anyone that managed a 0 on a test would get 100 because you can't miss every question on a multiple choice test without knowing what you were doing. Well, we would gotten that 100 last week. Our 0-5 week drops us down to 6-15 on the … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 5

Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 4

A 1-3 week put us in our place a bit. The unpredictability of this league never ends. That moves us to 6-10 on the year. A perfect week would put us above .500, but the odds for that are as good a Houston win (Spoiler Alert spoiler alert). Byes: Free Jacks, Old Glory Arrows v. … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 4

Spoiler Alert: Round 3

The regular season moves into Round 3 today. The holiday weekend gives us an abbreviated schedule with only 8 squads in action. For a few teams, a break may be just what they need to work into shape. For the teams below, they'll have to work through things on the pitch. After going 3-3 last … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: Round 3

Spoiler Alert: Round 2

One week in and the biggest thing spoiled is my record. After going 2-3-1 last week, I'm looking forward to my bounce back. (Spoiler alert for the Spoiler Alert: Seattle is in the same spot. Hopefully, mine goes better than there's will.) Rugby United New York @ NOLA Gold RUNY is coming off a quality … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: Round 2

Spoiler Alert: Round 1

Take a deep breath. That's rugby season air, folks. Before diving into the picks, a request. We all know this offseason has felt like an eternity. Imagine what it feels like for everyone participating in game day. If the rugby isn't crisp, be patient. Most teams had only one or two preseason games. A few … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: Round 1