Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 7

The MLR is set up for every team to finish .500. The little decisions get you above that. Last week, we made no little decisions at all, going 3-3 on the week. That moves us to 14-17 on the year. Still better than Seattle.

With that…


Atlanta, Austin, Utah, Houston

New England @ San Diego

It’s hard to believe that a match up between two teams with a pair of wins each could have a real favorite. Think about some of the injuries San Diego is still fighting: Audsley, Ausburger, Pietersen, and Robshaw to name a few. This side should be fighting LA for a top playoff spot. Instead, they call the Coliseum home for a week against a scrappy Free Jacks side with a lot of fight. Legion fans should watch draft pick Cole Zarcone get the start on the wing, but this team is starting to feel like it will be building for the future in second half of the season.

Winner: Free Jacks


DC is better than I’ve given them credit for. LA is beatable if you can disrupt their line out, stay with them at the start, and force them into penalty trouble. DC won’t end up doing enough of those things to win.

Winner: Giltinis

Toronto @ NOLA

On the table, this looks like a heavyweight battle. However, watching the Gold fall to ATL has shaken my faith. The Arrows look like an elite squad that could challenge even LA. It’s two good teams, but one is far better.

Winner: Arrows

New York @ Seattle

A new coaching regime often leads to a performance bump. Seattle finally gets in front of their own fans. RUNY was utterly embarrassed last week, and now they have to fly across country. While RUNY should blowout Seawolves, the pieces are there for the upset. I won’t side with the Northwesterners, but I wouldn’t be blown away if this becomes a contest.

Winner: RUNY


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