Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 9

A 2-4 week was exactly what we deserved, moving us to 19-22 on the year.

You know the drill by now.

NOLA @ San Diego

The Legion continues to inch closer to home, but their half backs remain hundreds of miles away. The Gold continue to make winning look hard, yet they keep rolling. No matter how much you try to break this down, nothing will be as broken as the Legion players.

Winner: Gold

Toronto @ Houston

Toronto’s run of success has come to a screeching halt. Houston keeps narrowly missing the mark. They’ve proven much more impressive at home, but can they get enough out of the 10 to really expose the Arrows? And will Toronto be like NOLA and expose Sam Windsor defensively? Every part of me wants to pick the Cats at home, but the recipe for an Arrows win is already written.

Winner: Arrows

New York @ Austin

RUNY is riding high. Austin needs a bounce back. Can Marty Veale get this team up for another big game? Or will Austin be ready for vengeance? With the orange boys at home, I expect the later.

Winner: Gilgronis

New England @ Atlanta

The Free Jacks are quietly building a case for a playoff spot. ATL will have their word cut out. Can they blitz the gaps and keep Poland and Fife back? I doubt it.

Winner: Free Jacks

Utah @ Los Angeles

Listen. I want to give Utah credit. But if you think LA isn’t about to unleash all of its frustrations, you have something else coming.

Winner: Giltinis

Seattle @ DC

Seattle needed a win, and they finally got it. At home. Against the Legion’s Third Unit. DC doesn’t deserve to be last in the East, and they’ll put on a show a t home that backs that up.

Winner: Old Glory


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