Spoiler Alert: Round 10 – Part 1

With one midweek fixture, we bring you a special edition of Spoiler Alert. While it’s only part of our normal feature, we guarantee the same level of inaccuracy you’ve come to expect.

LA @ Austin

The Cocktail Bowl. The Gil-Grudge Match. The Fighting Cousins. Geez, this game is weird.

While these teams share an owner, their reasons for a rivalry should be much deeper. First, they’re both in playoff position as of this writing. If Austin wants to host a playoff game, they’ll need to knock down LA at least once, maybe twice. Second, they live by competing styles. Austin thrives on defense. LA likes to throw it around in attack. Admittedly, the LA defense is underrated due to the offensive spectacle, but still. LA hasn’t looked as sharp on the road. Austin thrives at home.

Perhaps the toughest part of this pick is the game schedule. With such a tight turnaround from Saturday, both teams will see key players out for rest. Ruben De Haas will get his first start for Austin. Will Magie steps back into the side, while Conner Mooneyham will miss his first match. LA will be bringing the full force of its backline. On this tight of a turnaround, is that an asset?

On a normal week, I’d take Austin at home in a low scoring affair. But I think LA is the fittest side in the league, and that’s everything tonight.

Winner: Giltinis


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