Tuesday Table: Round 1

One round of rugby is in the books. If the playoffs started today, two things would happen: 1) the standings below would determine participants and seeding and 2) a lot of people would ask why the regular season is only one round. They’d have a point. Eastern Conference https://twitter.com/usmlr/status/1373998397728821258 The most impressive thing about the … Continue reading Tuesday Table: Round 1


Spoiler Alert: SRA Edition – Round 4

That's right. It's the return of Spoiler Alert. The proud comeback that absolutely no one asked for. Last week, I urged you guys to give Super Rugby Aotearoa a try. If you did, I doubt that you were disappointed. If you were disappointed, feel free to tweet at me so I never end up seeing … Continue reading Spoiler Alert: SRA Edition – Round 4

Spoiler Alert – Round 4

Last week saw several unexpected things, including our first draw of the season. It also saw my picks go 3-2-1, moving my record to 10-5-1 on the season.  This is the last time I’ll view this season as young. After Round 4, we’ll be a quarter of the way into the season. The preseason feeling … Continue reading Spoiler Alert – Round 4

3 Things – Round 3

San Diego is the Best in the West And its not close. I've been hesitant to lump praise on those beating expansion teams. However, the Legion is head and tails above the rest of the Western Conference. Keep in mind, this team is still missing Joe Pieterson. Ma'a Nonu is leading the way, but this … Continue reading 3 Things – Round 3

Spoiler Alert! – Round 3

Last week, I made what felt like six strong picks. Afterward, I checked the picks of USA Rugby’s experts. All six made identical picks, both with each other and me. Great minds think alike. The mediocre think alike as well. Our identical picks earned us identical 4-2 records on the weekend, moving my personal record … Continue reading Spoiler Alert! – Round 3

3 Things – Round 2

What a weekend it was. Vegas weekend, blown predictions, and closer games than any of us expected. Here’s 3 things we took from Round 2. Predictions are Challenging             When I laid out my picks for Round 2, I was pretty confident I’d picked a perfect weekend. Frankly, the matchups just weren’t that tough to pick … Continue reading 3 Things – Round 2

Spoiler Alert! – Round 2

Well, what a week we had. Round 1 saw two expansion teams steal wins, a rematch of last year’s championship, and plenty of surprises. Of course, those surprises sent us to 3-3 picking games on the young season. Some of those games featured mistakes you’d expect to see cleaned up in a few weeks. I … Continue reading Spoiler Alert! – Round 2

The Tuesday Table – Round 1

With a full round in the books, is it too early to start watching the playoff races? Honestly, probably. Yet, here we are. If the season ended today, two things would happen: The top three teams in each conference would be headed to the playoffs, andWe would all wonder why the MLR season was ending … Continue reading The Tuesday Table – Round 1