3 Things – Americas Rugby World Cup Qualification

Most weeks, we use ‘3 Things’ to highlight stories that deserve more attention but aren’t worthy of a full post. This week, the story’s probably each deserve multiple posts each. However, that’s not the editorial schedule, so here we are. Uruguay Dominates USA, Claims Americas 1 It was a day that felt inevitable. While the … Continue reading 3 Things – Americas Rugby World Cup Qualification


3 Things: 2021 RAN 1 Playoff Series: Second Leg

https://youtu.be/xREIWxRC0bs Gary Gold demanded a response from his side after they were handily defeated by Canada a week before. Boy, did the US meet that demand. Without further ado, the 3 Things that stood out. The Eagles have a Young Crop of Potential Stars For all the value that comes from experience, it was the … Continue reading 3 Things: 2021 RAN 1 Playoff Series: Second Leg

3 Things: MLR Round 14

San Diego Has Run Out Of Runway Much of this season's hiccups have been forgivable for the Legion. The Vegas experiment that quickly fell apart. The list of injuries that looked like a strong starting 15 for an MLR side in and of itself. The fact they made their true home debut this past weekend. … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 14

3 Things: MLR Round 13

With the season headed into the homestretch, let’s take a look at the top three storylines from Round 13. Major League Rugby Needs to Review Head Injury Replacements The end of San Diego/Utah was marred in controversy. Legion scrumhalf Ethan McVeigh took a nasty fall that knocked him out immediately. There was zero question that … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 13

3 Things: MLR Round 12

ATL Takes Control of the East An 8-7 finish can be a thriller. NOLA entered the weekend in control of their playoff destiny, but this was their final home game. A win was necessary. Atlanta couldn't care less. The boys from Georgia have shifted from 'playoff contender' to 'title contender'. They could have a playoff … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 12

3 Things: MLR Round 11

Editor's Note: It's Memorial Day. Like last week's game picks, these will be abbreviated. Take a bit of time to think about the meaning of the day. As I said in the Spoiler Alert, I recommend listening to Green Fields of France and simply taking it in. If that doesn't leave you feeling something, then … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 11

3 Things: MLR Round 9

It Was a Good Week for the Pro-TMO Fans When the league announced its partnership with Advantage Referee Communications before the season, the rumors started to fly over the potential addition of a TMO in a year or two. As most television products have improved this year, the attentive fan has started noticing issues that … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 9

3 Things: MLR Round 8

RUNY is Now the People’s Champion How could we start with anything else? Anyone beating LA will be notable, but many (myself included) starting discounting RUNY after the Toronto disaster and a couple unneccesarily close matches afterward. Smarter people than I will break down the RUNY performance and how they stifled the Giltini attack. I … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 8