Spoiler Alert! – Round 3

Last week, I made what felt like six strong picks. Afterward, I checked the picks of USA Rugby’s experts. All six made identical picks, both with each other and me. Great minds think alike.

The mediocre think alike as well. Our identical picks earned us identical 4-2 records on the weekend, moving my personal record to 7-5 on the still young season. 

Fortunately, this is the week I turn it all around.

NOLA Gold @ Raptors

Its still early in the season. I think the Raptors have potential to click as the year goes along. That being said, they just aren’t close. While NOLA slipped up against a surprising performance for ATL last weekend, expect them to rebound on the road. 

Winner: Gold

Warriors @ Gilgronis

I’ve been hard on Austin so far this year. Then competed extremely well in the second half against RUNY, but the game wasn’t really up for grabs at that point. (Also, the names weren’t falling off the kits. Take your victories when you get them.) While I don’t see a blow out, I’m going to need to see a complete match from the Gilgronis before giving them a nod.

Winner: Warriors

Old Glory @ SaberCats

Old Glory was the last expansion team to earn their first win (in Round 2!). Not to take anything from that win, but Seattle juust doesn’t look like they have it quite yet. I don’t believe The Beast will transform them into title contenders, but you do need to take DC seriously. That being said, Sam Windsor is bound for a return to form after a rough outing last week. I have to give the nod to the home team.

Winner: SaberCats

Arrows @ Seawolves

I already said the Seawolves need help. Time will be there biggest ally. They went to camp extremely late to preserve bodies. That might pay off down the stretch, but we’re nowhere near that point. Toronto looks like a serious title contender. I want to justify Seattle pulling this one out, especially at home, but I just can’t find a reason to go for the boys from Starfire against what looks like the class of the East. Yet.

Winner: Arrows

RUNY @ Rugby ATL

A matchup of the two teams without American style names. RUNY v RATL (Rattlesnakes, maybe?). Lockyear came out of nowhere last week, and Fodden might be the best fullback in MLR, but the Atlanta defense is something else. I’m going with the kids to protect Life.

Winner: Rugby ATL

Free Jacks @ Legion

The Free Jacks came back to earth some last week, but there’s a lot to like. I’ve complimented Old Glory a lot for their success off the field, but the announcement of Nate Ebner and Patrick Chung purchasing minority ownership stakes in the Free Jacks deserves its own praise. Unfortunately, those local NFL stars won’t be on the field to stop Ma’a Nonu and the vicious Legion attack. 

Winner: Legion

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