The Tuesday Table – Round 1

With a full round in the books, is it too early to start watching the playoff races?

Honestly, probably.

Yet, here we are. If the season ended today, two things would happen:

  1. The top three teams in each conference would be headed to the playoffs, and
  2. We would all wonder why the MLR season was ending after Round 1.

The top of the East looks a lot like how we expect it will at the end of the year, but things get weird at 3 and 4. The Free Jacks beating RUNY on a neutral site in their first outing earned them our Team of the Week award, while Rugby ATL winning in their debut was no little surprise either. It’ll be interesting to see if this was a fluke or if they’re for real.

The West is far less surprising. With the SeaWolves having to play the Legion to start, someone was bound to lose. While we don’t expect them to play in June, it is a bit surprising that the Warriors are at 5 when they started against an expansion team.


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