Tuesday Table: Round 1

One round of rugby is in the books. If the playoffs started today, two things would happen: 1) the standings below would determine participants and seeding and 2) a lot of people would ask why the regular season is only one round. They’d have a point.

Eastern Conference

The most impressive thing about the East is how neatly ordered the table is on points. There’s something really pleasing about that.

Hard to make too much out of one round, but it’s a little jarring seeing Toronto that far down the table. RUNY up top feels about right. I expect this two will jockey with NOLA for the duration of the season.

Western Conference

Take the above and swap San Diego for Toronto. LA looked as put together as anyone last week. And the only team I don’t think has a playoff shot? They’re sitting in second. (Yes, I’m giving Houston a small shot.)

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