3 Things – Round 3

San Diego is the Best in the West

And its not close. I’ve been hesitant to lump praise on those beating expansion teams. However, the Legion is head and tails above the rest of the Western Conference. Keep in mind, this team is still missing Joe Pieterson. Ma’a Nonu is leading the way, but this squad is deep and scary. You know who else is scary….

Toronto is Ready to Make a Run

The seperation in the East isn’t nearly as great as that in the West, but Toronto is the cream making its way to the top. This team might not have the superstar that other teams have, but they might be developing the first MLR stars. Take one look at what Sam Mitchell did this weekend and tell me this team doesn’t have the talent to be lethal in the playoffs.

How Long Will We Have Winless Teams?

Austin pulled out a draw, but they still join Colorado and Seattle in being unable to put a mark in the win column. I firmly expected to have three winless squads after Round 3, but I expected them to be the expansion sides. Sure, the Gilgronis are starting at the bottom. The Raptors just don’t seem to have the talent to jump into the playoff picture. But, obviously, the most jarring is seeing a winless Seawolves. I’ve been hopeful that Seattle will kickstart, but its time to get going. They had arguably the toughest schedule thus far, but great teams rise above. Don’t count them out, but I need to see more to count them in.


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