Spoiler Alert: Round 3

The regular season moves into Round 3 today. The holiday weekend gives us an abbreviated schedule with only 8 squads in action. For a few teams, a break may be just what they need to work into shape. For the teams below, they’ll have to work through things on the pitch.

After going 3-3 last week, we’re starting to get a bit more into form as well. However, we never take a bye. We’ll put our 5-7 record on the line this week as well.


Seawolves, Giltinis, Rugby United New York, Gold

Warriors @ Free Jacks

Utah may be the most surprising side this young season. What’s the value of their 2-0 record? Austin has a lot of hype, but they need time to learn each other. Toronto is exactly the same. Is Utah a good squad or just getting a good draw against better rosters that haven’t spent much time together yet?

While New England certainly looked better in their demolition of the Cats than when they were on the other end against LA. I’d argue they haven’t seen a middle of the pack competitor that would help us gauge their skill.

The Free Jacks will have their first ever home game. Utah has a history of inconsistency. I don’t trust either side, but I have slightly less distrust for the Warriors.

Winner: Warriors

Arrows @ Old Glory

If I told you a couple weeks ago that this matchup would be between the teams sitting second and sixth in the East, I doubt you would’ve been stunned. However, you probably wouldn’t have believed which was which. The Arrows roster is impressive. The end against Utah last week showed progress even compared to the start of the match. I do believe this team will be good, but have they had the time to figure out enough in one week?

Old Glory is living on the edge. 1-0-1 is better than we expected out of the gate with all their preseason issues. Danny Tusitala has been a breakout star of the young season. Can the Kiwi scrum-half set this team up for another huge win? It will be close, but Old Glory will be the one celebrating tonight.

Winner: Old Glory

Legion @ Rugby ATL

San Diego scratched past Austin for their first win last week. Joe Pietersen is back, and this Legion side is starting to show early glimpses of the dominance we know they can achieve.

ATL is… fine. This is a middle of the pack team without playoff upside. They’ll pull out some good wings this year, but they won’t this week. The Legion has begun to rise.

Winner: Legion

SaberCats @ Gilgronis

The Texas Cup. Austin currently holds the trophy after last year’s victory, still the only win since they changed ownership. After two narrow loses to start the year, the Austin side needs to get over the hump and get their season start.

Enter Houston.

The SaberCats were dismantled by New England last week. Much like Utah, Houston’s history of inconsistency comes to mind. Will the pendulum swing back this week? Moving Sam Windsor to 12 will be an interesting experiment. I’m excited to see him with a little more room to operate.

This game is a story of two teams looking for the answer. I have to go with the side that’s shown they at least have some clues.

Winner: Gilgronis


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