Spoiler Alert: Round 2

One week in and the biggest thing spoiled is my record. After going 2-3-1 last week, I’m looking forward to my bounce back. (Spoiler alert for the Spoiler Alert: Seattle is in the same spot. Hopefully, mine goes better than there’s will.)

Rugby United New York @ NOLA Gold

RUNY is coming off a quality road win in Vegas. NOLA doesn’t have the same upside, but they may be in a better place early on. How will NOLA’s tactical decision making change from Round 1? Will they eventually shift to kicking if they can’t get over the line? Odds are San Diego doesn’t give up several red zone penalties and force them into that decision. NOLA at home looks just a tad sharper.

Winner: NOLA Gold

Rugby ATL @ Old Glory DC

Toughest call of the week. I’m not terribly high on ATL, but DC simply hasn’t been able to really prep. Given the fact they managed a draw last week, real prep time should concern opponents. Danny Tusitala looks ready to expose ATL’s gaps.

Winner: Old Glory DC

New England Free Jacks @ Houston SaberCats

Will the ref be provided a fresh deck of cards? Or will the Free Jacks clean up their discipline? I expect NE will fare better than they did against LA, but I don’t expect them to improve enough to beat Houston on the road.

Winner: Houston SaberCats

Toronto Arrows @ Utah Warriors

On paper, this one should be an easy call. Toronto’s Argentinian and Uruguayan talent is rolling in. The Arrows will be tallying caps as much as any MLR side can. Utah has a few Eagles, (Teo has caps,) but there’s not too much exciting about this roster. But will Toronto’s talent be in the 15 (not announced as of writing) or be able to work together with minimal practice? DC’s draw last week shows what talent can do. I’m tempted to give Utah a chance given the circumstances, but I just can’t.

Winner: Toronto Arrows

San Diego Legion @ Austin Gilgronis

Austin had the second most hyped offseason, then suffered a crushing loss in week one. A team that has a high level of talent and is now ticked off/looking to make a statement? At home? With a chance against MLR’s best regular season franchise? *Gulp*

Afrika needs more time to find his place. Robshaw is still banned. I always fear writing off the Legion, but I think they need more time to come together.

Winner: Austin Gilgronis

Seattle Seawolves @ LA Giltinis

The MLR’s most successful franchise v. the sharpest looking team thus far. I still believe Seattle has something in them, but they just don’t look great. LA looks to be everything that was advertised. Fish v. buzzsaw will not be good to the fish.

Winner: LA Giltinis


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