Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 5

In high school, I had a teacher that said anyone that managed a 0 on a test would get 100 because you can’t miss every question on a multiple choice test without knowing what you were doing. Well, we would gotten that 100 last week.

Our 0-5 week drops us down to 6-15 on the year. This week is a full, six game slate. So, it actually could get worse.


Seattle @ Toronto

Seattle bounced back from their drubbing against LA for a win over the Warriors last week. Toronto spent last week getting by those same Giltinis. Both of these sides are better than LA made them look, but the trend of teams winning after falling to LA will continue.

Winner: Toronto

New England @ NOLA

New England plays tough rugby, but the Gold are going to be fully annoyed after the Gilgronis made them look sloppy last week. The NOLA attack will prevail.

Winner: NOLA

Utah @ San Diego

We keep asking what’s wrong with San Diego, but we should be giving them more credit. This team may be back in California, but they’re still displaced. They’ve been away from home for over a month. The Robshaw injury took the wind out of their sails. This team will click, but I don’t think it happens against a Warriors side that wants to prove its real after falling in back to back weeks.

Winner: Utah

LA @ Houston

Houston looked much better against San Diego, despite Sam Windsor having a bad night off the tee. The reality is that it’s not about Houston. It’s about the Giltinis being the class of the league. They will fall at some point, but there’s nothing about the Cats that makes me think this is the week.

Winner: LA

Atlanta @ Austin

These two teams might be the best defensive sides in the MLR. Austin just keeps making teams look sloppy. Atlanta is very good, but the home crowd and momentum will boost Austin tonight.

Winner: Austin

DC @ New York

DC runs on line outs and letting Danny Tusitala break up the defense. That isn’t going to keep working with the league settling in. RUNY is opening up the game. One of these teams is real, and the other is a middle of the pack team that can upset better sides. Sunday will not be one of those upsets.

Winner: RUNY


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