3 Things: MLR Round 12

ATL Takes Control of the East

An 8-7 finish can be a thriller.

NOLA entered the weekend in control of their playoff destiny, but this was their final home game. A win was necessary.

Atlanta couldn’t care less.

The boys from Georgia have shifted from ‘playoff contender’ to ‘title contender’. They could have a playoff spot wrapped up within the next three weeks. They won’t want to get ahead of themselves, but they need to keep an eye on LA. They’re fighting for home field advantage throughout the playoffs as much as their own spot.

The Race in the West is Going to be Fun

San Diego took the show on the road, proving that their late push is real. Austin looked like they might find a way to loss in Houston. Utah had a similar day in Seattle.

San Diego gets all three teams above them in the next three weeks before Seattle and DC. They may have the most control over their destiny.

Austin has winnable games against Toronto, Seattle, and Old Glory, but tough fights against LA and the aforementioned Legion.

Utah only has one game where they’ll be the clear favorite (Houston). Matches against San Diego, LA, RUNY, and ATL gives them the toughest path on paper. If ATL and LA have nothing to play for, Utah’s last two weeks could be winnable, but they need to be concerned.

Seattle Makes a Statement in a Loss

Its tempting to chastise Utah for almost falling to a team that has nothing to play for. However, new head coach Allen Clark is starting to instill a culture that doesn’t quit. They can spend the stretch run evaluating you players, experimenting with player combinations, and building the foundation that puts them back into contention next year. Expect this side to add talent over the offseason, but the Seattle culture building has already begun.


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