3 Things: MLR Round 11

Editor’s Note: It’s Memorial Day. Like last week’s game picks, these will be abbreviated. Take a bit of time to think about the meaning of the day. As I said in the Spoiler Alert, I recommend listening to Green Fields of France and simply taking it in. If that doesn’t leave you feeling something, then the thrill of sport probably doesn’t impact you either and you shouldn’t be here.

The Giltinis Need Home Field Advantage

The match against ATL is a Major League Rugby classic. It proves, once again, that LA is vulnerable on the road. The Rattlers are now just 6 points behind LA on the overall table. While it seems every team in the East has had their moment at the top, Atlanta has the chance to stay here. If they can steal home field playoff advantage from LA, they could actually be the front runner to lift the shield.

Austin is Floundering

Connor Mooneyham’s absence has been jarring, but it’s not the only thing wrong with the Gilgronis. The midweek loss to LA was forgivable, but this team has absolutely no attack. Unless they can figure out how to score, they’ll miss the playoffs, and they may not even finish third, since…

The Legion are Assembling

Joe Pietersen’s return has lifted the Legion from the ashes. This little win streak against NOLA and Houston has them trending up. Cecil Afrika is growing more comfortable in the 15s game. Ethan McVeigh is getting time to develop at 9. Nate Ausburger and Dylan Audsley will remain out for the year, but Chris Robshaw is back to training. The Legion may or may not make the playoffs, but they’re not going to fall back with Seattle and Houston.


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