3 Things: MLR Round 10

LA is on the Path to the Top Seed in the West

Saying that LA will earn a one seed is just about the coldest take in the MLR. However, the path has become clear. If everything broke the right way, the Giltinis could have the top seed in the conference wrapped up by the end of Round 13. While they’d still be motivated to secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs, they’d have the ability to rotate in younger players and manage the health of guys like Matt Giteau.

Austin and Utah Miss Their Opportunities

Both the Gilgronis and Warriors took a loss this week. For Utah, it was a chance to return to playoff position. For Austin, losing their head to head at home against LA almost certainly blocks them from seizing the top seed. After watching the boys in orange on the road, you have to think a road game could be their undoing.

These teams go head to head this week. One of them is going to take the driver’s seat. The other will have work to do. But not as much work as…

The Legion had a Good Bye

Austin and Utah’s failures are San Diego’s gain. The Legion, along with Toronto, finally had the ability to rest. While they still have a hill to climb, they’re seven point deficit looks better with everyone having played the same number of games. We need to see more from the Legion to believe they’re truly back. While Austin and Utah wrestle each other this week, the Legion gets a chance to make up ground against the mediocre SaberCats.


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