MLR Power Rankings: Round 11

1. Rugby ATL (LW: 3)

It seems like whoever wins the LA game that week takes the top spot. If we get this rematch in the Final, we’ll be lucky.

2. Rugby United New York (LW: 2)

This team is coming together in a way that should scare every team in the league.

3. Los Angeles Giltinis (LW: 1)

LA just saw the best defense the league has to offer. Now, they get a chance to adapt.

4. Utah Warriors (LW: 5)

This team keeps getting hot before going ice cold. Can they break out of the cycle? If they can’t can they get through a cycle and be hot for the playoffs? I’m not a believer.

5. San Diego Legion (LW: 8)

They’re clicking at the right time to make the kind of playoff push that Seattle used to eliminate them from the playoffs in Years 1 & 2.

6. Austin Gilgronis (LW: 4)

They’re accumulating injuries at the wrong time. They could be healthy and powerful by the playoffs. The challenge may be getting there.

7. New England Free Jacks (LW: 9)

I don’t love the Free Jacks’ chances, but they’re insanely fun to watch.

8. NOLA Gold (LW: 7)

How is this team in control of their playoff destiny? They may be the league’s quietest playoff contenders.

9. Toronto Arrows (LW: 6)

How is this team not in control of their playoff destiny? They may be the league’s loudest team outside of the playoff chase.

10. Old Glory (LW: 10)

This team needs to start building for next year. This roster doesn’t need an overhaul, but tweaks and development can start today.

11. Seattle Seawolves (LW: 12)

This team is a couple weeks ahead of Old Glory in the rebuild process. Acquiring Coach Clarke could be the exact move they need.

12 Houston SaberCats (LW: 11)

This franchise needs to take a serious look in the mirror. It should be a big off season in Houston.


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