MLR Power Rankings: Round 4

1. Los Angeles Giltinis (Last Week: 1)

I maintain that this team can be beaten, but they can’t lose their spot until they are.

2. Rugby United New York (LW: 3)

They’re just doing what they love, and they look like they may be doing it into August.

3. Austin Gilgronis (LW: 7)

Austin is interesting. For you World Rugby fans, they remind me of Ireland in the Six Nations. They don’t look incredible, yet every team they play seems to have their worst game against the burnt orange. At some point, Austin needs credit for that.

4. New England Free Jacks (LW: 5)

You don’t rise or fall based on the bye, but the teams around you still can.

5. NOLA Gold (LW: 2)

Can NOLA adapt now that people have scouted their attack? We’ll see.

6. Toronto Arrows (LW: 4)

Good news: they hung with LA for 70 minutes. Bad news: they were throttled for 10 minutes. Decent news: everyone’s followed their LA beating with a win. Seattle better watch out.

7. Rugby ATL (LW: 8)

ATL was overhyped on social media the last few weeks. Hanging with RUNY means something, but the Snake Pit isn’t as formidable as Indiana Jones would have you believe.

8. Utah Warriors (LW: 6)

The Warriors have resumed their position as always tempting but never worth the temptation.

9. Old Glory DC (LW: 10)

You don’t rise or fall based on the bye, but the teams around you still can.

10. Seattle Seawolves (LW: 11)

Seattle doesn’t seem dominant. But they look more than competent. Will the Sea Wall rise again?

11. San Diego Legion (LW: 9)

I just can’t put them last, but they’re getting close to putting themselves there. Robshaw’s injury stings, both for the Legion and the league as a whole. I still believe there’s a push in them, but they need to stay in it long enough to make that happen.

12. Houston SaberCats (LW: 12)

They won. They had the player of the week. They may have found a real 9-10-12 combo. But after 2 weeks of being completely and utterly dismantled, they need two impressive weeks to make me believe.


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