3 Things: MLR Round 5

Every week in the MLR provides us with too much information to process over two game days. We’ll be providing 3 immediate takeaways each week.

When Will LA Fall?

If not for a ten minute outburst with Toronto on a yellow card, the Arrows would’ve pushed LA to the brink last week. This week say a Houston team (that’s suddenly went for worst to serious competitor) push the Giltinis as well.

When does the damn break?

Matt Giteau started this match on the bench for a reason. This team knows they need to manage player workload if they want to go deep into the playoff. Giteau came on in the second half and still managed to put the Cats away. But when will they need to rest guys against a team that can exploit the back ups?

I don’t believe that happens when they host San Diego or Old Glory in the next two weeks. That Round 8 match up in New York is intriguing though…

Did the Legion’s Win Say More About San Diego or Utah?

Five rounds in and I’m still a perfect 0-5 picking Warriors games. This week looked like an old school Legion/Warriors match. The Legion came in with immense talent and precision, while Utah floundered under the expectations. My gut says San Diego make at least a playoff push while Utah doesn’t every really enter the race. At best, they’re the fourth team in the conference behind LA, San Diego, and the boys below.

The Gilgronis are Real

The Austin Gilgronis are on a three game win streak. Let that sink in.

LA has, deservedly, gotten most of the love this year. San Diego is the traditional power. Seattle is the defending champs. Utah came out blazing. Houston has a gorgeous stadium and is resurgent themselves.

But Austin is different.

Unlike those other western teams, the men in orange play through their defense, making just enough explosive moments on attack to compete. A match up against the other defensive force in MLR looked to be a unique test. And they passed.

How far can this team go? It’s only about a quarter of the way through the year, but they look like a genuine playoff threat. Dare I say it: I can’t wait for this stifling defense to face an overwhelming attack like LA’s. If they can keep making great teams look sloppy, they have championship potential.

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