Tuesday Table – Round 3

After 3 weeks, its still far too early to be obsessed over playoff standings. With that in mind, let’s take a break from Conference standings and look at something truly jarring.

The MLR leader is from the West, but the East beats the rest. I’ve been rough on teams falling to expansion sides, but all three new squads stand above five Western teams.

The last several weeks have featured competitive parity, but there is much less parity between the conferences. Will this continue? Unlikely. Over the course of the season, those Eastern teams will have to go head-to-head and knock some of them back down.

The bigger question is ‘who is chasing San Diego?’. I like Houston to make the playoffs, but beat the leaders? Color me skeptical. Colorado or Utah? Highly doubtful. Austin? Oh, come one.

The dark horse is still winless Seattle. How do they right the ship? They’ll see a visiting Free Jacks side that has spent a lot of time on the road. I’ll save my pick for later in the week, but they need to take this game seriously or they run the risk of digging too deep of a hole from which they can climb out.


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