Tuesday Table – Round 2

After a second round of rugby, I think we all agree on one thing:

No one has any idea what’s happening in MLR.

Let’s dive right in.

Eastern Conference Table

It’s a little jarring that the conference that’s half expansion doesn’t have a winless team after just two weeks. Toronto looks a little better than I expected, but the immediate impact of The Beast was a huge boost to the DC scrum. I stand by my preseason picks, but this might be tighter than first anticipated.

Western Conference Table

Three winless teams doesn’t really tell the full story. Sure, Austin will be the underdog in any game until they win one, barring major injuries. The Raptors played two sides I picked for the playoffs, both away from home, so I’ll give them an early season pass. We have to look at the SeaWolves, though. they haven’t been home yet, and anyone will be forgiven for giving one to the Legion. Old Glory? I gave them Team of the Week. Simply put, a healthy defending champion shouldn’t lose to an expansion in Week 2. Again, it’s early, but I’m anxious to see them get to Starfire. That being said, Toronto probably isn’t the team they wanted to see up next when trying to bust a slump.


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