Inside the Scrum: Episode 2

One of the hardest episodes of any series to create is the second. Pilots have a clear job to do; sequels need to take the pilot's foundation and begin the transition to the larger story. Inside the Scrum's second episode might not have pushed the narrative too far forward, but a few seeds were sown that could prove fruitful in the coming weeks.


Inside the Scrum: Episode 1

Major League Rugby's docuseries on the 2021 Austin Gilgronis is a six part weekly serial on FS2 and available to stream on The Rugby Network after a 24 hour delay. We'll be providing a weekly recap of our key takeaways. The first episode of Major League Rugby’s Inside the Scrum came and went like many … Continue reading Inside the Scrum: Episode 1

10 Things We’d Like to See on ‘Inside the Scrum’

Major League Rugby dropped an early Christmas present on Tuesday, announcing that a docuseries about the 2021 Austin Gilgronis will air on FS2 over the next six Sundays. (The MLR continues to thrive at media timing.) You can take a peak at the trailer below. The series will also be available on TRN following … Continue reading 10 Things We’d Like to See on ‘Inside the Scrum’

MLR Midseason Awards: Top Rookie

With the MLR season reaching the Halfway point, it’s time to hand out our midseason awards. Next up: Top Rookie. Stepping into the MLR and making an impact directly out of college is extremely challenging. Academy systems are in their early stages, and the college game is far from the developmental system enjoyed by other … Continue reading MLR Midseason Awards: Top Rookie

3 Things: MLR Round 4

Every week in the MLR provides us with too much information to process over two game days. We’ll be providing 3 immediate takeaways each week. LA is Not Invincible Another week, another LA win. Coming off the bye, LA ran out to their third bonus point victory. They now lead the Western Conference by 3 … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 4

Where Will Former Jackals Play in 2022?

12 former Jackals were selected in the Supplementary Draft. 4 more opted for severance. Developmental Jackals are now unrestricted free agents. While most of them know their 2021 destinations, (even if we don't,) where will they play in 2022? It's logical to assume that at least one, and likely more, of the 16 full time … Continue reading Where Will Former Jackals Play in 2022?

The Biggest Piece of the MLR Supplemental Draft Announcement was Left Unsaid

Like most big pieces of MLR news, the announcement of the Supplemental Draft was made via a relatively brief press release. No pomp and circumstance. No fanfare. Not even advanced warning.  In a way, this makes sense. MLR remains a largely semi pro league. The Supplemental Draft itself proved that (more on that in … Continue reading The Biggest Piece of the MLR Supplemental Draft Announcement was Left Unsaid