10 Things We’d Like to See on ‘Inside the Scrum’

Major League Rugby dropped an early Christmas present on Tuesday, announcing that a docuseries about the 2021 Austin Gilgronis will air on FS2 over the next six Sundays. (The MLR continues to thrive at media timing.) You can take a peak at the trailer below.

The series will also be available on TRN following a 24 hour delay.

With the premiere just days away, here’s 10 things we’d like to see from the series.

(Note: it’s highly unlikely that enough time will be available to cover everything below, and the series will likely be focused on recruiting fans. This is my personal wishlist.)

An Austin Offseason

Building a roster is heavy work. Building a roster in a young league for the worst team in the competition is harder. Add in the logistics of the pandemic, and you have a completing storyline.

The Mooneyham Acquisition

The first ever MLR Draft pick moved from Dallas to Austin after the former delayed entry into the league. The dispersal draft was keep extremely quiet. They should lift the proverbial curtain.

The Covid Preseason

Last year saw the first standardized preseason calendar. How did this team come together in the time of coronavirus?

The ‘10-15’ Issue

Will Magie. Kurt Moraith. Mack Mason. While the rest of us loaded up on toilet paper, Austin loaded up on flyhalf/fullback players. Add in the presence of Bryce Campbell at 12, and there simply wasn’t room for everyone.

The Rise of Conner

Conner Mooneyham may have fallen into Austin’s lap, but he made the most of his time. He became the first fully American MLR face; a player that developed in the college system, was drafted into the league, and had an impact from the beginning. He was initially named to the Eagles camp in July, but he missed the trip due to injury.

Relationship with LA

Adam Gilchrist may own two teams, but there’s no doubting that LA is the favorite son. Loaded with Australian talent from top to bottom and bringing home the Shield certainly made the Giltinis a favorite. How did the AGs feel fighting their cousin club?

Player Vaccinations

Seeing stands fill up as Covid was contained last summer was heartwarming. At this moment, showing the toughest athletes on earth roll up their sleeves would be a fantastic reminder of the war we’re still fighting.

de Haas Signing

Ruben de Haas is a star. However, his four week deal with Austin always felt… off. Sure, high level American talent on display is the goal, but it always felt like a favor to Gary Gold instead of a genuine move to improve. de Haas would be the best 9 on almost any MLR roster, but he was guaranteed to be gone with the Eagles and Saracens before the playoffs. How did the scrum half room take the news that they’d be sidelined in favor of a national team player that was only there for a tune up?

The Collapse

Austin finished just outside the Western playoffs. Those games in the lead up to their elimination would be compelling. How did they handle watching their playoff chances shrink to zero?

The Panther on the Motorcycle

Do you not want to see more of the panther on the motorcycle? It even made Squidge Rugby’s year in review.


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