Where Will Former Jackals Play in 2022?

12 former Jackals were selected in the Supplementary Draft. 4 more opted for severance. Developmental Jackals are now unrestricted free agents. While most of them know their 2021 destinations, (even if we don’t,) where will they play in 2022?

It’s logical to assume that at least one, and likely more, of the 16 full time Jackals had a multi-year deal. Connor Mooneyham immediately comes to mind as likely having additional years on his contract. Some team holds the rights to the No. 1 overall pick for 2021. But who holds the rights for later years? Is he permanently moved to a new club? Or is he effectively loaned for a year before reverting to Dallas? When we eventually learn who is moving where, these details will be a massive part of the discussion around player selection.

Severance players face the same question. If there were multi-year deals, were they bought out in their entirety or will later years still belong to Dallas?

We tweeted at the league Monday night with no response as of writing.

Consider Dallas’s position. Are they going to restart with no roster in 2022? That’s a pretty detail to remain unknown.


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