State of the Race: MLR’s Western Conference – Round 11

In Control

1. Austin Gilgronis

Next Four: @ NOLA, v. SEA, @ LA, BYE

2. LA Giltinis

Next Four: BYE, @ ATL, v. AUS, @ SD

3. San Diego Legion

Next Four: v. ATL, @ DAL, v. HOU, v. LA

In The Hunt

4. Seattle Seawolves

Next Four: @ UTAH, @ AUS, v. DAL, v. NY

5. Houston SaberCats

Next Four: v. TOR, BYE, @ SD, v. UTAH

Fading Fast

6. Utah Warriors

Next Four: v. SEA, @ NE, v. ATL, @ HOU

7. Dallas Jackals

Next Four: @ DC, v. SD, @ SEA, @ TOR

Key Takeaways

  • The first hint at the final table order has occurred. Dallas is mathematically eliminated from contention for the top spot in the West. Generally, other dominoes start to fall quickly after the first does. That’s the whole point of calling them dominoes.
  • For as good as San Diego has occasionally looked, they’re sitting at .500 and only 2 bonus points ahead of the five spot.
  • Even after their slow start LA has a remaining schedule that keeps the top seed within their control.

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