State of the Race: MLR’s Eastern Conference – Round 11

In Control

1. New England Free Jacks

Next Four: @ NY, v. UTAH, v. DC, v. ATL

2. Rugby ATL

Next Four: @ SD, v. LA, @ UTAH, @ NE

3. Rugby New York

Next Four: v. NE, v. NOLA, @ TOR, v. SEA

In The Hunt

4. Toronto Arrows

Next Four: @ HOU, BYE, v. NY, v. DAL

Fading Fast

5. NOLA Gold

Next Four: v. AUS, @ NY, BYE, v. DC

6. Old Glory DC

Next Four: v. DAL, BYE, @ NE, @ NOLA

Key Takeaways

  • New York maintains control over its destiny due to its game in hand.
  • The Round 14 match between New York and Toronto is looking increasingly vital for the middle of the table.
  • The Round 15 match between NOLA and DC could end up defining the bottom of the Eastern table. Osborne going into NOLA to overtake them in the standings would be magnificent to watch.
  • New England’s next four creates a strong platform for clinching the top spot.

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