Power Rankings: MLR Round 11

1. New England Free Jacks (1)

The path to the Shield in the East goes through New England.

2. Austin Gilgronis (2)

The path to the Shield in the West goes through Austin.

3. Rugby ATL (3)

They feel much closer to New England above them than New York below them.

4. LA Giltinis (4)

Orene Ai’i’s three week ban will severely dampen their playoff push but also freshen the 42-year old should they make the postseason.

5. Toronto Arrows (6)

They’ve done everything right up until now. Now they just need to keep protecting the north.

6. Rugby New York (5)

The risk of a playoff game on a Jersey high school field continue decline.

7. Seattle Seawolves (9)

For as weak as this team has looked, they’re sitting at .500.

8. San Diego Legion (7)

For as strong as this team has looked, they’re sitting at .500.

9. Houston SaberCats (8)

For as middle of the pack as this team has looked, they’re sitting right where they belong: at .500.

10. NOLA Gold (10)

Their streak of consistently finishing just outside of the playoffs is coming to an end.

11. Old Glory DC (12)

A NOLA loss paired with a DC win this week sets up an opportunity to go into New Orleans and move into the fifth spot next week. Not that Nate Osborne needed to be told that.

12. Utah Warriors (11)

Let’s call the Pittman firing paired with no plan for the rest of the season what it was: tanking.

13. Dallas Jackals (13)

A match in DC should feel like the best chance this team has for a win. They’re getting the right match up at the wrong time.


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