Power Rankings: MLR Round 10

1. New England Free Jacks (1)

Scott Mathie is managing this team well enough to be the next coach fired for no reason next year after winning a Coach of the Year award.

2. Austin Gilgronis (3)

Sam Harris has managed their mini-slump like a championship caliber coach.

3. Rugby ATL (2)

Steven Brett has quietly built a strong resume after taking over ATL.

4. LA Giltinis (6)

It feels like a non-zero chance that the Final returns to LA.

5. Rugby New York (5)

Unpopular opinion: New York is the best team outside the serious title contenders.

6. Toronto Arrows (7)

They’re exactly where they want to be. New York will be watching them closely down the stretch.

7. San Diego Legion (4)

They should look at a game against Seattle as a get-right game, but the Seawolves will always be a problem for them.

8. Houston SaberCats (10)

This could be a team no one wants to face in the playoffs… next year.

9. Seattle Seawolves (8)

This team could land a major hit on San Diego’s playoff intentions before ultimately falling off the pace after that.

10. NOLA Gold (9)

When are we going to accept that NOLA is mediocre at best?

11. Utah Warriors (11)

Its going to be interesting to watch the post-Pittman era unfold.

12. Old Glory DC (13)

A pair of winnable games and a renewed energy under Nate Osborne make them an intriguing spoiler pick.

13. Dallas Jackals (12)

Lose this week and the 0-16 watch will be on.

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