Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 11

A second consecutive 5-1 round has us feeling better than we should. That 38-20 run for the year isn’t too bad though.

Another week of quick picks. Winners are in bold below.

Bye: New England Free Jacks, Rugby New York, Rugby ATL

Old Glory DC v. Utah Warriors

Two teams in a bit of disarray, but DC is at least showing they’re trying to fix things. Losing Mike Dabulas for the season is a massive blow, but I like they to finally grab a win at home.

Toronto Arrows v. NOLA Gold

Being level on points for a playoff spot after a holiday weekend game that fewer folks with watch is a very Toronto thing to do.

Seattle Seawolves v. San Diego Legion

Toughest game of the week to call. Every time I think Seattle is going to get it right, they get it very wrong. Spoiling San Diego’s position on the table would be a classic Starfire moment.

LA Giltinis v. SaberCats

Houston’s rebuild could put them on the post Austin traveled down last year. LA looks like they could replicate their own prior campaign.

Dallas Jackals v. Austin Gilgronis

Sometimes, it’s really as simple as one team being very good and the other being bad.


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