State of the Race: MLR’s Western Conference – Round 10

In Control

1. Austin Gilgronis

Next Four: @ DAL, @ NOLA, v. SEA, @ LA

2. LA Giltinis

Next Four: v. HOU, BYE, @ ATL, v. AUS

3. San Diego Legion

Next Four: @ SEA, v. ATL, @ DAL, v. HOU

In The Hunt

4. Houston SaberCats

Next Four: @ LA, v. TOR, BYE, @ SD

5. Seattle Seawolves

Next Four: v. SD, @ UTAH, @ AUS, v. DAL

Fading Fast

6. Utah Warriors

Next Four: @ DC, v. SEA, @ NE, v. ATL

7. Dallas Jackals

Next Four: @ HOU, v. AUS, @ DC, @ SEA

Key Takeaways

  • Round 14 matches between Austin/LA and San Diego/Houston could determine who gets the playoff bye and who slips into the field, respectively.
  • Seattle is sinking fast. A loss to San Diego this week would knock them far back from the pack.
  • Utah and Dallas remain MLR franchises. Their off field decision-making is starting to make even that look like a success.

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