Don’t Expect a Wooching, Baska Return in 2022

Several Eagles are returning to the nest, but that doesn’t mean the whole flock is coming home.

The recent returns of Joe Taufete’e from Lyon and Paul Lasike from Harlequins to join LA and Utah, respectively, has prompted a few on social media to petition Psalm Wooching and Michael Baska to return as well. They’d be better served saving their virtual ink.

Wooching moved to French ProD2 side Rouen Normandie in the summer. Baska joined him a couple months ago on a short term deal to finish the season. While Baska has largely served as a third scrumhalf, Wooching has featured regularly for the side.

Rouen Normandie remains in a relegation battle. If the season ended today, they’d drop to Federale 1, though they’re tied on points for the last safe spot with US Bressane with six games to play.

Rouen Normandie’s final game of the year is set for May 13th. That’s three weeks before the end of the MLR season. In theory, either of them could return for a playoff run with a contender. If Rouen Normandie were to collapse in the nest few weeks, the team could look to offload wages before relegation. While it may benefit Baska to add film Stateside before selection for the July test window, it seems unlikely that either could arrive with enough runway to make a serious contribution for a side.

The point is that it is possible, but down build any plans around it.

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