Power Rankings: MLR Round 6

1. New England Free Jacks (2)

The luck of the Irish will last well after the green vomit ends.

2. Rugby ATL (3)

I don’t know if the result would go the same way if they’d played in Austin. That’s why taking home field advantage throughout this year’s playoffs will mean so much.

3. Austin Gilgronis (1)

If you pulled Sam Harris to the side and really asked, I bet he wouldn’t hate the weight of perfection being lifted early.

4. Rugby New York (5)

A New York/San Diego rematch would be a great final, so long as it isn’t in New York.

5. San Diego Legion (4)

A San Diego/New York rematch would be a great final, so long as it isn’t in San Diego.

6. Seattle Seawolves (6)

Number 6 feels a lot closer to Number 11 than Number 5.

7. Utah Warriors (9)

They’ve suddenly reasserted themselves into this race.

8. NOLA Gold (10)

They’re looking like a team set for another Round 18 elimination.

9. Houston SaberCats (11)

I doubt Houston even knows if this side is good.

10. LA Giltinis (7)

Adding Joe Taufete’e is both huge and not filling their need at 10.

11. Toronto Arrows (8)

Number 11 feels a lot closer to Number 5 than Number 12.

12. Dallas Jackals (12)

They’re just desperate enough to win against fumbling Seattle this week.

13. Old Glory DC (13)

They need to use their bye like NOLA did or they’ll end up spending the postseason like NOLA always does.


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