MLR Midseason Awards: Top Back

With the MLR season reaching the Galway point, it’s time to hand out our midseason awards. Second up: Top Back.

Dan Hollinshead

Being the most prominent back in the RUNY backfield is enough of an achievement. Andy Ellis and Ben Fodden have had long, impressive careers. But the MLR’s Midseason Top Back has been Dan Hollinshead.

The Auckland native doesn’t have any international caps, and the chance he breaks into the All Blacks back line is slim to none. Yet, Hollinshead had a first half to remember. While he’s done well orchestrating the RUNY attack each week, his game against LA was a masterpiece. The Kiwi managed to score all 18 points in the league’s biggest upset. It was just the second time in league history a player scored every point for his side.

As if that game didn’t signify his importance, this last weekend against Austin did. Once he went down injured, the game was over. If RUNY makes the playoffs, they’ll need a hill at full health and playing at his current level.

Honorable Mentions

John Poland

Fly Half/Free Jacks

Dougie Fife

Outside Center/Free Jacks

Harrison Goddard

Scrum Half/LA Giltinis


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