Giltinis Get Long Awaited Flyhalf Reinforcement

To say the LA Giltinis need help at ten is no surprise. To say where that long need help is coming from might be. LA's Round 16 lineup includes a return to the 23 for Eagle Luke Carty. The younger brother of Ireland international Jack Carty has spent the year sidelined with a pectoral injury. … Continue reading Giltinis Get Long Awaited Flyhalf Reinforcement

3 Things: MLR Round 13

In LA, Everyone Plays 10 Luke Carty? Still hurt. Matt Giteau? Injured... or missing... no one seems to know. Orene AI'i? Suspended. Luke Burton? Somehow on the bench despite Super Rugby experience at flyhalf. Enter Harrison Goddard. Goddard is one of the top 9s in Major League Rugby and entered LA's game with a 9 … Continue reading 3 Things: MLR Round 13

MLR Midseason Awards: Top Back

With the MLR season reaching the Galway point, it’s time to hand out our midseason awards. Second up: Top Back. Dan Hollinshead Being the most prominent back in the RUNY backfield is enough of an achievement. Andy Ellis and Ben Fodden have had long, impressive careers. But the MLR’s Midseason Top Back has been Dan … Continue reading MLR Midseason Awards: Top Back