MLR Midseason Awards: Top Forward

With the MLR season reaching the Galway point, it’s time to hand out our midseason awards. First up: Top Forward.

Lucas Rumball

Flanker/Toronto Arrows

What do you value in a loose forward? If you answered ‘tremendous defense’, Rumball’s selection is a no brainer.

The Canadian international came into the season with 35 caps, yet he appears to have taken his game up a level. In a league full of try bonus points, Rumball makes his presence known disrupting the attack. With more than double the ruck steals of the next highest player in the league, the Ontario native has become the MLR’s signature ‘F Up the Play’ guy.

The second half will need to see more of the same quality if Toronto wants to return to the playoffs. Rumball’s captaincy will be key. Currently sitting fourth on the table with one fewer fixture to play, the hill is steep. Add that the July test window is likely pull talent from his side, and the challenge gets even greater. It’s even possible Rumball himself is called up for the Maple Leafs. If they can overcome all these challenges and make the playoffs, Lucas Rumball will be right here for the end of year awards as well.

Honorable Mention

Angus Cottrell

Flanker/LA Giltinis

Psalm Wooching

Flanker/San Diego Legion


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