Tuesday Table: MLR Round 4

This week was… weird. Genuinely, just weird. Dive into the movement on the table below.

A note: This year, we’re linking to official MLR tables as well as making our own. We organize ours by Points per Matches Played. The goal is to not undersell teams that still have a match in hand.

Eastern Conference

The big story in the East is RUNY’s big jump. They jumped from 4 to 1 on our table. As we finally move into games feeling more like professional club rugby, New York looked surprisingly strong against an overhyped ATL side. Toronto gave us flashes of what they may become against LA. Even sitting in 6th, they shouldn’t be discounted.

Western Conference

Everyone is talking about LA, and deservedly so. They’re dismantling other sides. However, it’s the Texas teams that impressed me this week. Austin’s defense is impressive. They had one flashy moment against NOLA, but they made the Gold look like tarnished bronze.

I can’t skip over Houston either. Was this things clicking for them? Or is San Diego making teams look better than they are? I have no question that it’s somewhere between those two, but Nick Boyer made a statement in his debut for the Cats. An attack that doesn’t rely solely on Sam Windsor is an attack that can scare some teams.


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