3 Things – Round 1

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate how appreciate the fact ruby is back. It just feels right. Here’s three takeaways from this weekend’s action.

Three Games on TV

CBS Sports is continuing their game of the week, but ESPNews and FS2 each picking up a weekly match is a step forward. ESPN+ will have all the non-broadcast games. On one hand, the MLR is certainly growing the game amongst its fans. On the other hand, is anyone that’s not a fan going to find the game with this lineup? Time will tell, but I’d really like to see MLR release viewership numbers. 

Expansion Teams See Immediate Success

On Saturday, Old Glory was absolutely crushed by NOLA, right on schedule.

Then everything went nuts.

Rugby ATL picked up a convincing victory at home against a middle-of-the-pack Warriors squad. Not to be outdone, the Free Jacks (our Team of the Week) beat RUNY, a team we expect to see in the playoffs, and they did it on a neutral site.

It’s Round 1. There’s no reason to overact. But it is curious to see two expansion squads pick up wins. If the MLR is truly the premier completion in North America, it’s a bit concerning that these two could win coming out of the gate. Something to watch over the next few weeks.

Putting the ‘Groan’ in Gilgronis

In less than two weeks, Austin picked up new ownership, moved to a new stadium, and kicked off the season. It’s a huge upheaval, and it’s reasonable to see some hiccups with all that. 

But geez.

Yes, they were stomped by an Arrows team we should see playing in June. But they also did it in an empty stadium, took far too long to corral a rogue fan in the second half, and had enough vulgar language coming from the stands and field to cause concern about the family friendly environment, as well as the broadcast production. Plus, the names were literally falling off the back of the jerseys. 

Again, its Round 1. But, frankly, they need to fix a lot. It starts off the field.


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