MLR Power Rankings: Round 4

1. Los Angeles Giltinis (Last Week: 1) I maintain that this team can be beaten, but they can't lose their spot until they are. 2. Rugby United New York (LW: 3) They're just doing what they love, and they look like they may be doing it into August. 3. Austin Gilgronis (LW: 7) Austin is … Continue reading MLR Power Rankings: Round 4

MLR Power Rankings: Round 3

An abbreviated Round 3 left us with some teams moving toward our expectations, while others still look off. Four teams spent the weekend with their feet kicked up, giving us no new knowledge. 1. Los Angeles Giltinis (Last Week: 1) There's no reason to doubt the last unbeaten team. They had a bye in Round … Continue reading MLR Power Rankings: Round 3

Power Rankings: Round 2

After a round of competitive matchups and a round of less competitive matchups, the power rankings are starting to shift. While I expect games to start getting cleaner soon, there was a lot to work on this week. Offseason moves continue to weigh heavily on rankings, though their impact will dwindle over the next three … Continue reading Power Rankings: Round 2

Power Rankings: Round 1

One week in, some teams surprised us, while others left us wanting more. This week's power rankings still heavily weigh offseason moves, with results a secondary factor. Be sure to air your grievances in the comments. 1. Los Angeles Giltinis The most hyped team in MLR might've looked like the most professional team in Round … Continue reading Power Rankings: Round 1