MLR Power Rankings: Round 3

An abbreviated Round 3 left us with some teams moving toward our expectations, while others still look off. Four teams spent the weekend with their feet kicked up, giving us no new knowledge.

1. Los Angeles Giltinis (Last Week: 1)

There’s no reason to doubt the last unbeaten team. They had a bye in Round 3, but a win over Toronto this weekend would give them a stronghold on this spot.

2. NOLA Gold (LW: 2)

NOLA also sat out Round 3. Their spot wasn’t as untouchable as LA’s, but no one stood up and claimed it.

3. Rugby United New York (LW: 3)

Did the schedule makers conspire to save the best teams for a weekend with less on people’s agenda? No? Then they got lucky here.

4. Toronto Arrows (LW: 8)

The Arrow is pointed up for the Canadians. Toronto looks back.

5. New England Free Jacks (LW: 10)

New England finally had a home game. They made that field their own, even if it was marked to fit any team. In any sport. At all.

6. Utah Warriors (LW: 5)

A one point loss to the Free Jacks in their home opener is forgivable. I want to see if this team can come back and finally show consistency.

7. Austin Gilgronis (LW: 7)

I can hear the Austin fans crying ‘but we won the Texas Cup!’ A 26-0 win in this league shouldn’t be completely disregarded. That first win is out of the way and the momentum can start. But I need to see them beat anyone outside of Texas to believe Austin has arrived.

8. Rugby ATL (LW: 9)

Give ATL credit. San Diego walked onto their field, and they played like they deserved to take on MLR’s best franchise. The defense is improving. I still think this team has a middle of the ceiling cap, but let’s see what these kids can do.

9. San Diego Legion (LW: 4)

The biggest change in MLR is happening in San Diego. These men are going home. Robshaw will soon be back. This team only fell this far based on other teams demanding upward movement. I have no real doubt that this team will be on the rise shortly.

10. Old Glory DC (LW: 6)

DC’s one man show ran into a Toronto team ready to rise. Old Glory can still develop into a highly competitive side, but they will need someone to step up at 10 and shift defenses away from Danny Tusitala.

11. Seattle Seawolves (LW: 12)

How does a team with a bye, that happens to be the only winless side, rise up a spot? See below.

12. Houston SaberCats (LW: 11)

58 – 0. That’s the combined score of Houston’s last two games. This team looks rudderless. This team doesn’t need a win as much as they need to be in a game.


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