Power Rankings: MLR Round 9

1. New England Free Jacks (1)

NOLA is better than their record, but the Free Jacks will have to remember their role has moved from ‘hunter’ to ‘hunted’.

2. Rugby ATL (2)

A narrow win over Toronto in Canada is a better result than standings would indicate.

3. Austin Gilgronis (3)

If Austin can play against San Diego half as well as they did against Houston, they’ll return to title favorites.

4. San Diego Legion (5)

Their win looked a little better before the dysfunction in Utah became apparent.

5. Rugby New York (4)

Andy Ellis finishing games at ten in place of Sam Windsor will look weird to anyone that hasn’t watch Connor Buckley push the All Black for playing time.

6. LA Giltinis (6)

If they make the playoffs, every opponent will be shaking.

7. Toronto Arrows (7)

They nearly won in their homecoming. Hosting DC and NOLA in the next two weeks will give them a chance to pressure the teams above them.

8. Seattle Seawolves (9)

The best thing Allen Clarke could’ve done over the bye was lock the doors and send everyone home for a break.

9. NOLA Gold (10)

They’re going to have a signature win or two that makes their inability to make the playoffs hurt so much more.

10. Houston SaberCats (8)

They’ve taken a huge step forward, but now they’ve seen how far is left to go.

11. Utah Warriors (11)

What the hell is going on in Utah?

12. Dallas Jackals (12)

Seriously, what the hell is going on in Utah?!

13. Old Glory DC (13)



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