State of the Race: MLR’s Western Conference – Round 9

In Control

1. Austin Gilgronis

Next Four: @ SD, @ DAL, @ NOLA, v. SEA

2. San Diego Legion

Next Four: v. AUS, @ SEA, v. ATL, @ DAL

3. LA Giltinis

Next Four: v. NY, v. HOU, BYE, @ ATL

In The Hunt

4. Seattle Seawolves

Next Four: @ NE, v. SD, @ UTAH, @ AUS

5. Houston SaberCats

Next Four: v. DAL, @ LA, v. TOR, BYE

Fading Fast

6. Utah Warriors

Next Four: BYE, @ DC, v. SEA, @ NE

7. Dallas Jackals

Next Four: @ HOU, v. AUS, @ DC, v. SD

Key Takeaways

  • For as strong as Austin has looked for most of the year, they’re one poor week away from dropping to third.
  • An Austin win over San Diego would put them in a prime position to claim the top seed in the West. An identical result for San Diego creates a small buffer, but they’re facing a tougher run of fixtures.
  • No team has a less desirable run then LA. A match against Houston could help them fend off one of their chasers, but tough dates with New York and Atlanta will make for difficult points that don’t damage the teams they’re trying to overcome.
  • The chasers face very different tasks. For Houston, its a run where points should be available every week, including a match up with LA that would return them to the postseason spots. For Seattle, its an extremely tough run. They’ll need to find something against two of New England, San Diego, and Austin and beat Utah or they’ll be moving down a category at the end of the month.
  • Dallas is looking for answers, while Utah is only creating more questions.

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