Power Rankings: MLR Round 7

New England Free Jacks (1)

Heading down to Atlanta will be pivotal in the playoff race.

Rugby ATL (2)

Hosting New England will be pivotal in the playoff race.

Rugby New York (4)

Beating Toronto at home would be a big boost to solidifying the top three, assuming they move Andy Ellis to loosehead.

Austin Gilgronis (3)

Austin went from looking elite to looking ‘Elite’. Thankfully, they’ll spend this week like the Herd.

Seattle Seawolves (6)

Avoiding a banana skin against Dallas doesn’t reassert them into the title race. Knocking LA back in the playoff race would do the job.

San Diego Legion (5)

San Diego finally gets their first bye. Their second ‘bye’ comes in week 18. Whether that one is a rest before a playoff run or an early summer vacation will depend heavily on how they spend this one.

LA Giltinis (10)

Ai’i has kept them afloat, but they don’t seem to have a solution if he’d take a knock. Which is something a team on their fourth flyhalf less than halfway through a season should think about.

Utah Warriors (7)

This team is terrible incredible trash the unpredictable Utah of old.

Toronto Arrows (11)

8 points back is right where they want to be heading into their long home stretch.

Houston SaberCats (9)

They only drop because Toronto deserved to rise.

NOLA Gold (8)

Don’t make a change at coach at a weird time unless that weird time presents an upgrade.

Dallas Jackals (12)

Hear me out: they need a full time head coach.

Old Glory DC (13)

They’re bringing in Uruguayan international prop Facundo Gattas, confirming their commitment to blowing their draft spot.

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