Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 7

Another week saw us pick up another 4-2 result, pushing us to 23-12 on the year.

Our push towards mediocrity ensues. Without further ado…

Bye: Houston SaberCats

Utah Warriors v. Toronto Arrows

Toronto is in a weird spot. On one hand, they’re 9 points out of playoff position and are sporting a 2-3 record. On the other hand, they’ve only played one home game and looked better than the record suggests.

Utah is riding consecutive victories, first over Dallas at home, then over LA on the road.

At this point in the year, I’d place the Arrows well in front of Dallas and half step behind LA. With that in mind, it’s hard to pick against the Warriors at home.

Winner: Utah

LA Giltinis v. San Diego Legion

This feels a lot like the 2022 Legion traveling to take on the 2021 Legion. LA lacks a true 10, and they’re playing below their collective talent level. The moment Giteau, Carty, or Burton returns, they’ll take a step forward. Until then, they’re not at San Diego’s level.

Winner: San Diego

NOLA Gold v. Rugby New York

NOLA has come alive after the bye, but hosting New York will be their biggest task to date. The Roosters are coming off a red clock victory over San Diego. This has all the makings of a potential banana skin, but I’ll take Ed Fidow to do something special and help RNY survive the trip.

Winner: New York

Dallas Jackals v. Seattle Seawolves

The second banana skin game of the week. Dallas want bully to be winless at this point in the year. Seattle is stumbling off late.

While an upset is extremely tempting, a correction game for Seattle is more likely.

Winner: Seattle

Austin Gilgronis v. New England Free Jacks

On paper, this is a spicy pepper. In reality, it could be a green bell pepper sautéed in butter.

Both teams released rosters already. Austin looks built to win, while New England is rotating the squad with a date with New York on the horizon. The depth of New England could be as surprising as their starters, but I’ll take the ticked off home team.

Winner: Austin

Old Glory DC v. Rugby ATL

DC had a bye week to work on getting things right. Unlike Dallas, DC’s talent level makes a winless record believable. Atlanta played a tough one against Austin, but I’d trust ATL’s bench more than DC’s best lineup.

Which means DC probably wins by twelve. Anyway…

Winner: Atlanta


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