Spoiler Alert: MLR Round 6

Another 4-2 week firmly cements our ‘good, not great’ status. Ironically, my mother often gives me the same description. So, there’s that…

Our 19-10 record is on the line. Without further ado…

Bye: Old Glory DC

Rugby ATL v. Austin Gilgronis

A championship preview? Its not impossible.

Austin has spent almost the entire year at Bold Stadium, but their voyage to Seattle proved that they can travel. While I could see the Ratlers squeaking this out, only one of these sides could blow out the other.

Winner: Austin

New England Free Jacks v. Toronto Arrows

Toronto is starting to find some shape, but the Free Jacks found theirs already. The boston boys on St. Pat’s Day is too good to pass up.

Winner: New England

Dallas Jackals v. NOLA Gold

Which Dallas will show up? Which NOLA will show up? which referees will show up? Which fans will show up? Which local pipe-fitters will show up for their respective jobs?

NOLA stunned Seattle after their bye, but I’m not willing to assume one big win means they’re in form. Dallas have seesawed between competitive and barely there. The Jackals might be at home, but I trust NOLA’s floor more than Dallas’s ability to find their ceiling.

Winner: NOLA

Houston SaberCats v. Seattle Seawolves

Both of these teams need to get back to their initial form. Pote Human will have a lot to work on with the ‘Cats, but Allen Clarke will go straight for defense and let that create an attacking platform. This won’t be the highest scoring game of the year, but it could still be awfully fun to watch late.

Winner: Seattle

Rugby New York v. San Diego Legion

San Diego is second in the table, but they haven’t shown significant dominance when facing inferior opposition. New York needs a rebound after falling last week. If San Diego has an advantage, its that they have more experience playing on a crappy field than New York does. since this particular crappy field is on the entire other side of the country, take the home team.

Winner: New York

LA Giltinis v. Utah Warriors

It might be a rematch of last year’s Western Conference Final, but these sides are significantly different. LA at home should be expected to handle the Warriors, but if you have any idea who’s manning the pivot for the Giltinis , please let me know. The feel good story around Orene Ai’i is fun, but can he stay sharp for two weeks straight? If he starts again, LA will embrace their territorial tactics from the first half against Austin. Unfortunately, Utah has the explosive potential to counter that. If Barton or Giteau return, take the hosts. Without that clarity, the visitors have the upper hand.

Winner: Utah


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