Power Rankings: MLR Round 5

1. Austin Gilgronis (Last Week: 1)

They’ll be here until someone knocks them off.

2. New England Free Jacks (4)

They visit Austin in Round 7 in a match that’s suddenly looking incredibly spicy.

3. Rugby ATL (5)

Scott Lawrence only left when he realized he’d built a monster that even he couldn’t contain.

4. San Diego Legion (7)

Their fun to watch when they aren’t at home.

5. Rugby New York (2)

They’re a bit like an old troubadour; they can keep rolling on the road, but they’ll never be truly happy until they find a real home.

6. Seattle Seawolves (6)

Back to back losses have made them look vulnerable. a trip to Houston could fix their confidence… or destroy it.

7. LA Giltinis (3)

Who’s wearing 10? Only if they can get him off first base.

8. Toronto Arrows (8)

They might stay afloat long enough to be a playoff threat once they starting playing host.

9. Utah Warriors (10)

Everyone keeps saying that scoring 69 against Dallas was ‘nice’. 70 would’ve been nicer.

10. NOLA Gold (12)

Their win at Seattle will look like the catalyst if they make the playoffs or a massive failure for Seattle if they don’t.

11. Houston SaberCats (9)

For all their talent and occasional brilliance, their record matches last year’s at this point.

12. Dallas Jackals (11)

This team wasn’t built to be this low.

13. Old Glory DC (13)

This team was built to be lower.


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