Power Rankings: MLR Round 1

Crafting power rankings before the season starts is a tough assignment. Arguably, doing it after one round of work is even worse. We’ll try to avoid overreacting to eighty minutes of rugby (or less) per team when there’s still so much to play.

1. Austin Gilgronis (Last Week: 3)

Remember when they were called the Elite and lost 16 games in one year? Thankfully, you probably don’t. Although, they should’ve stuck with the first name change that year.

2. Rugby New York (2)

No team has more rugby left to play this season than New York. That’s all I have for a team that didn’t play.

3. LA Giltinis (1)

No Giteau or Carty would’ve been a logical loss for any other side, but Burton played 10 in Super Rugby. Three yellow cards is inexcusable. I don’t want to rob Houston of their big win, but LA did a lot to lose this game regardless of opponent.

4. Seattle Seawolves (5)

The Seawall is in playoff form. If it holds, they be playing a lot more games than they did last year.

5. Rugby ATL (7)

If an eighth grade student aces a fifth grade exam, how does than factor into their final grade?

6. Toronto Arrows (9)

If you watched this game without a scoreboard, you’d assume they left with something.

7. NOLA Gold (4)

The pieces are falling into place for another finish just outside the playoff spots.

8. San Diego Legion (8)

They weren’t at their sharpest, but they still let a rival walk out with two points instead of clamp down and secure their margin.

9. New England Free Jacks (10)

They deserve to move up more, but who was going down? Keep it rolling, and we’ll find out.

10. Houston SaberCats (11)

Do it again.

11. Utah Warriors (6)

Utah didn’t play a single preseason match. It showed.

12. Old Glory DC (12)

They always feel like they’re built to compete two years ago. Never really getting worse, but never catching up either.

13. Dallas Jackals (13)

They walked into prison and tried to intimidate the biggest guy instead of make friends with him. The biggest guy called over the next seven biggest guys, and they scrummed Dallas to the center of the earth.


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